In North America, our polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resin is utilized by several Westlake companies. Westlake’s exteriors and pipe and fittings businesses make some of the world’s most prevalent items, including residential siding, trim and molding; pipe and fittings for various water, sewer and industrial applications; profiles for windows and doors; fence and decking; along with films for various inflatables, wallcovering, tapes and roofing applications. Our products are sold and marketed under the trade names DaVinci RoofscapesNAPCO Pipe & Fittings, Royal Building Products and Westech Building Products.

In China, through Suzhou Huasu Plastics Company JV, we manufacture a wide range of products including PVC resin and a variety of film products.  These film products are used in roof membranes, wallpaper, pool liners, inflatable products, automotive, stationery, insulation tapes, medical care, labels and graphics.