Vinnolit Makes Investment for the Environment

More than three tons of steam per hour is saved in the chlor-alkali electrolysis plant Knapsack because a VinSavE ("Vinnolit Saves Energy") idea was implemented. This makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

The brine required for the electrolysis must be heated to a minimum temperature during the process before it can be pumped into the electrolyzers. This heating process consumes a huge amount of energy in the form of steam.

By using excess steam from another plant section, it is possible to reduce regular steam consumption significantly. These exhaust vapors were previously condensed using cooling water.

After the operational startup, it quickly became clear that the savings target of three tons of steam per hour would easily be achieved. In normal operations, workers require almost no additional steam to heat the brine flow. As a result, CO2 emissions from steam generation have been reduced by more than 3,000 tonnes per year and the consumption of cooling water has been substantially reduced as well. A win-win situation for the company and the environment.