Westlake Water Treatment Products provide a wide range of water treatment solutions for commercial and residential swimming pools, drinking water, wastewater, food safety, irrigation and industrial purposes. Westlake’s flagship water treatment brand, the Accu-Tab® chlorination system, combines patented feeder chlorination technology with proprietary tablets, and offers a safer, simpler, and more effective chlorination system.


Consumers with backyard swimming pools have used Westlake general sanitizers and shock treatments for more than 60 years. Since the mid-1990s, thousands of operators of commercial pools, ranging in size from waterparks with millions of gallons, to smaller pools have counted on our reliable water treatment products to keep their water sanitized and safe from recreational water-borne illnesses.


Cross contamination and deadly bacteria have been the cause of many health outbreaks that have resulted in more government and public scrutiny of food safety. Westlake Water Treatment Products provide a safer, simpler and more effective system that chlorinates source and process water for commercial farms, meat and produce processing plants, and beverage and bottling facilities.


Providing clean drinking water and ensuring wastewater is safely released back into the environment is vitally important. Many municipalities and small communities including housing sub-divisions and apartment complexes rely upon Westlake’s Water Treatment Products to ensure that drinking and wastewater are safe. What’s more, the system is simple to maintain and cost-effective for these communities.


Industrial facilities, from power plants, paper mills and pharmaceutical plants to automotive assembly facilities, mines and hydraulic fracturing sites need sanitized water as part of their manufacturing process. Westlake’s Water Treatment Products are used in many of these industries to provide sanitized water for rinsing, spraying, coating, washing or cooling during processing.

Westlake Water Treatment Products offers aquatic solutions for swimming pools, water parks, spray parks, spas and fountains. The company manufactures calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo) in both tablet and granular form under its own brand names and private labels.