Westlake Chemical Awards Scholarships to Students of Employees

Houston, Texas – May 18, 2015 – Westlake Chemical Corporation (NYSE:WLK) announced today that they recently notified 41 college-bound students of employees that they are recipients of a Westlake Scholarship beginning the fall term of 2015.

This annual award of scholarships continues Westlake’s on-going support of the higher education endeavors for high school students of Company employees. Scholarships are generally renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study provided the student maintains specific high academic standards.

David R. Hansen, Westlake’s Senior Vice President of Administration stated in describing this year's applicants, “For the 19th consecutive year we are pleased to recognize and reward high-achieving college-bound students of our employees. We believe this important tradition has a positive impact in our communities and our workplace. The competition for these scholarships is consistently strong and the applicants are some of the most outstanding students in each of the communities in which we operate. The average recipient for 2015 has a GPA of 3.8 and ranks in the top 14% of their senior class. This includes four students who ranked number 1 in their class. Moreover, many of these scholars have made significant contributions through numerous volunteer and civic activities. We congratulate the students and their parents for the significant accomplishments in the classroom and the communities in which they live.”




Sabrina Lakhdhir

Tyler Sutherland

Rachel Northcutt

Ellie Lovett

Alexandra Evans

Barrett Blackburn

Chad Duncan

Trevor Bunte

Jordyn Jackson

Madison Vaughn

Ryan Mathis

Lexie Myers

Anna Sloan

Andrew Granstaff

Cheyenne Schmuck

Kaycia Bennett

Joel DeRobertis

Jolie Gilbert

Aashal Dave

Alexis Shockley

Ian Huff

Jacob Brinks

Matthew Frahlman

Aishwarya Juttu

Justine Montgomery

Carter Vosters

Maddison Cholley

Calli Dupont

Allie Young

Brooke Drost

Austin Bourgeois

Addilyn Poole

Hunter Forman

Alicia Mouton

Michael Breaux

Landon Dore

Christian Bel

Amy Huynh

Nesley Fabro

Colton Bryson

Ashlyn McConaha

Amin Lakhdhir

Brooks Sutherland

Michael Ford

Mickeal Lovett

Joshua Mayo

Steve Blackburn

David Duncan

Bruce Bunte

Jeffrey Jackson

Timothy Vaughn

Todd Mathis

Ronald Myers

Clay McClanahan

Kerry Hill

Brian Schmuck

Jason Bennett

Gerard DeRobertis

Dennis Gilbert

Ambarish Dave

Chris Shockley

Brandan Huff

TJ Brinks

Mike Frahlman

Vijay Juttu

Mark Montgomery

Jeffry Vosters

Casey Cholley

Jeffrey Dupont

Stephen Young

Rahn Drost

Aaron Bourgeois

Tara Poole

Robin Forman

Tim Mouton

Swinford Breaux

Chad Dore

James Bel

Tin Huynh

Nestor Fabro

Thomas Spears

Paul McConaha


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