TYMAX® Functionalized Polymers

Westlake has developed its own proprietary grafting technology utilizing maleic anhydride to create a unique line of functionalized polymers for use as tie layers in flexible and rigid packaging, impact modification of engineering resins, compatibilization of diverse recycled materials, TPO compounding, and other modification applications. Our functional tie layers successfully adhere to barrier materials such as Nylon, EVOH, PET, and metallized substrate.

Westlake has the capability to custom tailor a product that will meet your specific performance application needs.

TYMAX® Functionalized Polymers
Grade MI Density Slip AB Data sheet
GT4525 0.8 0.910 0 0 PDF icon
GT1057 7.5 0.917 0 0 PDF icon
GT4408 2.3 0.919 0 0 PDF icon
GT4157 1.0 0.920 0 0 PDF icon
GT1004 5.0 0.923 0 0 PDF icon
GT7001 6.0 0.941 0 0 PDF icon
GT7058 2.7 0.941 0 0 PDF icon