Westlake Chemical Corporation announced it recently notified 98 college-bound students of employees in the United States and Canada that they are recipients of a Westlake Scholarship beginning the fall term of 2021.

This annual award of scholarships continues Westlake's on-going support of the higher education endeavors for high school students of company employees. Scholarships are generally renewable for up to four years of undergraduate study provided the student maintains specific high academic standards.​

Joel Gray, Westlake's Vice President of Human Resources stated in describing this year's applicants, “For the 25th consecutive year we are pleased to recognize and reward high-achieving college-bound students of our employees.  We believe this important tradition has a positive impact in our communities and our workplace.  The competition for these scholarships is consistently strong and the applicants are some of the most outstanding students in each of the communities in which we operate.  The average recipient for 2021 has a GPA of 3.86 and ranks in the top 15% of their senior class. Moreover, many of these scholars have made significant contributions through numerous volunteer and civic activities.  We congratulate the students and their parents for the significant accomplishments in the classroom and the communities in which they live."


Student Employee Location
Kathryn Hall Micah Hall Aberdeen
Samantha Stelly James Wright Aberdeen
Damyan Minev Angel Minev Beauharnois
Savannah Martin John Mullins Bristol
Austin Miller Marshall Miller Bristol
Kaylie Mosher Christopher Mosher Bristol
Shuvanga Rai Dhruba Rai Calgary
Mitchell Von Der Osten Sacken Rebecca Tara Calgary
Anna Black Brian Black Calvert City
Elizabeth Carson Vadessa Harper-Carson Calvert City
James Crider Ken Crider Calvert City
Austin Dennison Michael Dennison Calvert City
Kendyl Drennan Russ Goheen Calvert City
Kali McClain Mitchell McClain Calvert City
Mary McCollum Michael McCollum Calvert City
Sydnie Midyett Ryan Midyett Calvert City
Avery Minter Jeff Minter Calvert City
Daly Moore Richard Moore Calvert City
Christian O'Daniel Melanie O'Daniel Calvert City
Faith Pratt Charles Pratt Calvert City
Jocelyn Ramey Duane Kindred Calvert City
Benjamin Schofield Bartlett Schofield Calvert City
Shelby Spencer Michael Spencer Calvert City
McCall Thompson Brady Thompson Calvert City
Hannah Young Doug Young Calvert City
Natalie Gentle Gary Gentle Columbus
Abigail Swint Kristine Swint Columbus
Addison Blinn Aaron Blinn Corporate
John Brennan John Brennan Corporate
Jacob Canaday Lance Canaday Corporate
Alejandro Iglesias Joel Iglesias Corporate
Samantha Johnson Jeremy Johnson Corporate
Grayson Scott Brooke Jones Corporate
Taylor Scott Vanessa Scott Corporate
Marin Stephan Jesse Stephan Corporate
Andrew Wang Frank Wang Corporate
Nathan Neufeld Edwin Neufeld Distribution - RBS Winnipeg Branch
Darrion Gibson Nigel Gibson Division HQ - Royal Gate
Carsyn Earls Terrell Earls Gallman
Holden Harrell Jeff Harrell Geismar
Jacob Michelli Michael Michelli Geismar
James Vences Melquiades Vences Janesville
Hannah Buxton Shanna Buxton Lake Charles Petrochemical
Elizabeth Forman Robin Forman Lake Charles Petrochemical
Kristian Herring Kenny Herring Lake Charles Petrochemical
Kayleigh Hudler Eddie White Lake Charles Petrochemical
Natalie Ross Shannon Ross Lake Charles Petrochemical
Alyssa Vining Karrie Vining Lake Charles Petrochemical
Dusty Lowery Richard Lowery Lake Charles Polyethylene
Camrynn Briscoe Jerry Briscoe Lake Charles South
Phillip Cochran Jason Cochran Lake Charles South
Emily Duplechan Glenn Duplechan Lake Charles South
Hanna Emigh Aaron Emigh Lake Charles South
Mayah Emigh Aaron Emigh Lake Charles South
Emie Johnson Donald Johnson Lake Charles South
Jessica Mestayer Shannon Mestayer Lake Charles South
Josh Orsot Rico Orsot Lake Charles South
Kamden Perkins Keith Perkins Lake Charles South
Haley Savoie Anthony Savoie Lake Charles South
Noah Simon Ryan Simon Lake Charles South
Jasmine Stevens Byron Stevens Lake Charles South
Charles Strother Charles Strother Lake Charles South
Natalie Stump Don Stump Lake Charles South
Gracie Whatley Terry Whatley Lake Charles South
Peyton Williams Krystal Williams Lake Charles South
Scott Williams Walter Williams Lake Charles South
Andrew Yen Melody Yen Lake Charles South
Lauren Hassett Neil Hassett Lodi
Damion Stout Mauro Guzman Lodi
Jonathan Bielling Duane Bielling Longview TX
Ethan Bryan Matthew Bryan Longview TX
Brandt Herber Brandon Herber Longview TX
Samuel Powers Betty Powers Longview TX
Caroline Taylor Kevin Taylor Longview TX
Keeli Hash Aaron Hash Longview WA
Karson Mertes Shawn Mertes Longview WA
Jacob Oathes Ronald Oathes Longview WA
Elle Tangvald Mark Tangvald Longview WA
Alejandra Duran Jaime Duran Madison
Logan Chandler Brian Chandler Marion
Wrangler Hogston Garland Hogston Marion
Edwin Plemmons Dewey Plemmons Marion
Bridget Moege Terry Moege McPherson
Laura Siler Andrew Siler Natrium
Emily Smith David Smith Natrium
Jonathan Snider Lee Bonar Natrium
Brittney Strum Herbert Whaley Natrium
Cameron Dyck Brent Dyck Pipe & Fittings - Winnipeg
Alex Mooney John Mooney Pittsburgh
A'naya Bloomer Wayne Bloomer Plaquemine
Samantha Bordelon Adam Bordelon Plaquemine
Elise Devall Mark Devall Plaquemine
Evan Garner Hillary Garner Plaquemine
Claire Sanchez Kirk Sanchez Plaquemine
Victoria Panici Marco Panici Woodbridge Fittings
Fatima Ali Waqar Ali Woodbridge Pipe
Harshi Buvanesan Sarma Buvanesan Woodbridge Pipe
Maham Ali Manzoor Ali Woodbridge Siding


  • Westlake Chemical Awards Scholarships to Students of Employees