Westlake Global Service Month 2018

Westlake Global Service Month 2018

Westlake Chemical Gives Meaningful Support to Local Communities

In April 2018, Westlake completed the 2018 Global Service Month. While there were many stories of Westlake’s powerful impact to its local communities during this service month, below are just a few examples of what our 2,500 volunteers accomplished together.

  • At our Burghausen, Germany site, approximately 30 Vinnolit team members created an environmental education garden for the Jugendbüro Burghausen (translated “Burghausen Youth Welfare Office”), a part of the City of Burghausen. This city garden is used as a social and environmental education tool to teach students to become good caretakers of nature and to augment their life skills with an increased appreciation for the environment.
  • At our Natrium, West Virginia plant, approximately 20 Westlake Chemical team members held a waste collection day where the community could safely discard its waste materials such as tires, light bulbs, paint, batteries and other items. The Westlake team collected about 15,000 pounds of material, which is roughly equivalent to the weight of 30 dumpsters at full capacity.
  • At our Woodbridge (Ontario) Royal Building Exteriors Sidings site, the team of about 250 hosted a raffle with the proceeds going to Youth Without Shelter (YWS). YWS is an emergency residence and referral agency serving homeless youth ages 16 – 24. From the raffle, employees raised approximately $1,850 and donated new siding. They also provided volunteers to install the siding onto the YWS’s Toronto building.
  • In Houston, approximately 80 Westlake Chemical team members packed weekend “backpacks” for elementary aged children who receive subsidized breakfasts and lunches. While these students are fed breakfast and lunch at their schools through the week, on the weekend, they might not have regular meals. To ensure that these children have some food during the weekend, through this program, they receive a backpack loaded with non-perishable items. Through the Houston office volunteer efforts, we packed nearly 8,500 backpacks for children, which will provide approximately 48,000 meals.

    Overview of the Westlake Global Service Month

    The Westlake Global Service Month began three years ago, as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration year. While Westlake has always recognized the importance of supporting the communities in which we work and live, this event was the first that crossed international lines so that we collectively helped our communities in five countries in a single month.

    In 2016, during the first Westlake Global Service month, Westlake had approximately 900 volunteers. This year, we had approximately 2,500 employees and family members participate. In addition, to more volunteers, the average service project now lasts longer, up from 2 to 4 hours.  

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