Westlake (NYSE: WLK) is an international manufacturer and supplier of petrochemicals, polymers and building products that enhance the daily lives of people around the world. Whether it’s plastic wrap that keeps our meats and produce fresh; the intravenous bags and tubing used in medical care, the pipes that are essential to ensuring clean water, or the chlorine that treats water and helps keep our pools safe, Westlake plays a vital role in supplying the building blocks for these products and many more.


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Westlake has two areas of its Olefins business.

Olefins Chemicals

Westlake manufactures two primary petrochemicals within our Olefins business segment - ethylene and styrene monomer. Most of our ethylene production supplies our internal needs in our polyethylene and vinyls businesses.


As the world’s most widely used polymer, polyethylene enables converters to design innovative packages and make performance improvements to countless products that enhance our lives every day – from packaging films that protect against impact and temperature extremes, coatings and adhesives used in cartons engineered to transport perishable foods without refrigeration, to medical films and personal care products supporting public health.

Westlake has two areas of its Vinyls business.

Vinyl Products

Westlake vinyl resin products are the key ingredients to making some of the world's most prevalent items, including residential siding, pipe and fittings for various water, sewer and industrial applications, PVC profiles for windows, doors, fence, and decking along with films.

Vinyl Chemicals

A global chlorovinyls leader, Westlake produces chlorine and derivatives, caustic soda, and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used by many industries. Chlorine is used to produce PVC and water-treatment products, while caustic soda is used in manufacturing alumina, detergents, pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper as well as food processing. PVC resin is a durable polymer that is used in a variety of applications.