Our long-term strategy to maintain stakeholder value is dependent on our ability to ensure that we operate our business in a safe, ethical, environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Westlake is pleased to make available to investors, employees, suppliers and customers our 2020 Sustainability Report.  To view this report, click HERE.  To view Westlake's 2019 Sustainability Report, click HERE.  To view Westlake's 2018 Sustainability Report, click HERE.  To view Westlake's 2017 Sustainability Report, click HERE.


Westlake’s European Subsidiary, Vinnolit, to offer caustic soda with reduced CO2 footprint

Vinnolit, a Westlake company, will launch climate-friendly "green” caustic soda in 2021. This product will enable customers to reduce their own carbon footprint and in turn develop more climate-friendly products.

To read more, click HERE.


Westlake Receives +Vantage Vinyl Reverification 

Westlake recently received the +Vantage Vinyl™ reverification, an industry-wide sustainability initiative sponsored by the Vinyl Sustainability Council (VSC), part of the Vinyl Institute (VI), and supported by the vinyl product associations.

To learn more about this initiative, you can view its website at www.vantagevinyl.com

EcoVadis Rating for Vinnolit and Westlake Practiced Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility for people and the environment is a core value at Westlake. Emphasis on this topic is all the more important as corporate social responsibility (CSR) expectations for global supply chains are on the rise. As evidence of our commitment, Vinnolit has been regularly reviewed by the independent global assessment platform EcoVadis (www.ecovadis.com) for a number of years.  Again, it evaluated Vinnolit’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) performance and again Vinnolit achieved an excellent rating (“Gold Recognition Level”).

Also, Westlake began the process of having its US chemical sites evaluated by EcoVadis as well.  After its first evaluation, Westlake's U.S. chemicals operations received a bronze rating, placing above average and in the 50th percentile of evaluated companies.  EcoVadis describes companies with a bronze rating as having a "structured and proactive CSR approach with engagements/policies and tangible actions on major issues."


Industry Associations

Westlake is a proud member of the following organizations which help to drive sustainable action.

Westlake Partners to Drive Sustainable Action


Protecting the Environment

Acting responsibly

Westlake is committed to the guiding principle of responsible corporate action and sustainable development that combines financial success with social responsibility and responsibility for the environment.

A responsible and sustainable action is firmly anchored in the corporate culture of Westlake and operating in a safe, ethical, environmentally and socially responsible manner.


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