Vinnolit, the German-based subsidiary of Westlake, has partnered with 10 other European organizations to participate in the CIRCULAR FLOORING project funded by the European Commission. The project is aimed at enabling environmentally friendly recycling of post-consumer PVC floor coverings. The Circular Flooring Project aspires to support the transition towards a circular economy in which valuable materials, products and resources are maintained as long as possible to reduce waste generation.

About the EU Circular Flooring Project

PVC flooring has a lifespan of up to 40 years and PVC floor coverings of an older type may contain plasticizers and other additives, that are no longer used today. State-of-the-art recycling of older flooring to recover the PVC in its original quality requires a technically sophisticated separation of these plasticizers. The new EU CIRCULAR FLOORING project addresses this objective with an innovative plastics recycling process, CreaSolv®. This process gently recycles end-of-life PVC floor coverings by dissolving and removing respective substances to achieve the high-quality virgin PVC resins, which is then processed into granules. These recycled granules are then ready for re-use in new floor covering products.

Circular Economy